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Maximize Student Facility Experiences

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As an integral partner to educational facilities for over 100 years, we continue to adapt to changing demands for technology, resources, and support. We aim to maximize student and faculty experiences with the most comprehensive array of electrical, lighting and networking products and services.

Reliable Connectivity Anywhere on Campus

Leviton is dedicated to keeping educators and students connected. From the telecom room to the classroom, Leviton fiber, copper, and AV solutions support campus-wide network applications and prepare schools for future data demands.

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Take Advantage of Precise Cost Allocation

Monitor energy usage to improve bottom line operational costs, identify energy-saving opportunities & recoup dorm room energy costs. VerifEye™ provides a scalable end-to-end submetering solution.

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GFCIs for Student and Faculty Protection

GFCI protection is required in an ever-expanding number of public spaces. Leviton offers a wide range of options to maintain the safety, comfort and convenience of students and staff while keeping facilities in compliance with the latest codes and standards.

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Modernize Lighting & Controls

From a single classroom to an entire campus, Leviton delivers scalable and flexible lighting and control solutions that meet operational requirements, make educational spaces more comfortable and improve functionality for staff and students.

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Power When & Where You Need It

Leviton wiring devices offer a broad selection of devices ranging from USB charging receptacles for common areas and classrooms to AFCI and GFCI solutions to help protect students from electrical hazards.

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