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Dimmer Switches

Adjust Your Lighting for Any Activity

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Replacing a wall light switch with a dimmer switch is an easy way to create a big impact for a minimal cost. Using a dimmer switch makes it easy to customize the light level in any room, for any occasion and in any home. Leviton has a large selection of dimmers in different styles and types so you can choose what best meets your needs – traditional, decorator, or smart. They are all designed to control any bulb type including a full selection of dimmers specifically for LED lights.

Why Replace a Wall Switch with a Dimmer Switch?

Modernize your Home

Easily replace a light switch with a dimmer. We have options for all homes and applications.

Transform a Room

Whether you are entertaining guests, reading a bedtime story, or watching the latest flick, adjusting the light level creates the perfect ambiance for any activity.

Large Selection to Choose From

Are you looking for traditional, contemporary, or smart? We have a dimmer to meet any style and budget. Plus, we offer dimmers for all bulb types including LED, 0-10V, Electronic Low Voltage, Magnetic Low Voltage and Fluorescent.


What Type of Dimmer Switch Do You Need?

The dimmer switch you need is based on the application and how many lights you are controlling. Download this infographic.

Single-Pole Application

Dim the light(s) from one location using a single dimmer switch.

3-Way Application

Dim the light(s) from one location using a dimmer switch and a 3-way light switch from a second location to turn the light(s) on and off.

Multi-Location (Multi-Way) Application

Dim the light(s) from 3 or more locations using a dimmer switch and dimmer companions.


Leviton dimmer switches put you in control

Set the mood by adjusting the light level for any activity. Whether you are entertaining, reading, keeping the little ones safe from bedtime “monsters” or watching the latest flick, the right lighting creates the perfect ambiance. Use our Dimmer Buying Guide to find the best dimmer for any room in your home.



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Decora Smart® Dimmer Switches

Smart home lighting you can control from anywhere

  • Use the My Leviton app, a time schedule, or your voice to set the scene and manage  lights, electronics, and small appliances with Decora Smart Wi-Fi devices. You can start small with a smart switch to control your porch light or go BIG and outfit your entire home. Decora Smart Wi-Fi is customizable to meet your specific needs.

Decora Dimmer Switches

Great design stands the test of time

  • Our Decora brand has set the industry standard for style and performance. Our robust collection of digital and slide dimmers offers contemporary elegance and adds a finishing touch to any room. 
Decora Digital™ Dimmers  Decora Slide® Dimmers  IllumaTech® Dimmers  SureSlide® Dimmers


Classic look with modern performance

  • For traditional homes, our Toggle and Rotary style dimmers offer the ideal way to upgrade functionality and support the latest bulb technology without compromising the character of the décor. 
Toggle Dimmers  Rotary Dimmers

Tabletop and Specialty Dimmers

Stylish solutions that make dimming easy and convenient

Key Features of Leviton Dimmers

Superior Performance

Leviton LED dimmers feature a mode selector switch to modify the minimum and maximum light levels, if needed, for optimal performance every time.

Changeable Faceplates

Removeable faceplates on select models allow users to easily change the color of the device by removing the faceplate and snapping on a new color.

Preset Lighting

Separate dim/bright adjustment to preserve set light level is standard on many models.

Single Pole or 3-Way Control

Many Leviton dimmers offer the flexibility of control from one or more locations. Ideal for great rooms with multiple entrances, or for placement at the top and bottom of a staircase.


Explore our Dimmer Switches

Find a Compatible LED Bulb

Dimmer and bulb compatibility are important for great lighting. Use our LED Bulb Compatibility Selector Tool to find the perfect match for your Leviton dimmer! It’s available online or on the go using the Leviton2Go mobile app.

Dimmer Frequently Asked Questions

First determine what type of bulb you are controlling. There are dimmers designed to work with specific types of bulbs and fixtures in order to get the best dimming results. Next understand your wiring. If you are replacing an existing light switch, do you have neutral wiring or not? Generally older homes do not have a neutral wire in the wallbox. Are you controlling the dimmer from one location or multiple locations? Finally, think about the style of dimmer you want. Leviton has modern as well as more traditional styles to choose from. Download our dimmer buying guide for more assistance.

LED dimmers are designed to work with dimmable LED, dimmable CFL, incandescent and halogen bulbs. Some models will also work with Magnetic Low Voltage (MLV) and Electronic Low Voltage (ELV) loads. Leviton recommends only LED bulbs that are labeled DIMMABLE be used. The packaging on the bulb should identify it as dimmable.

Electronic Low Voltage (ELV) dimmers incorporate reverse-phase dimming control, which tends to provide enhanced performance with dimmable LED bulbs. Before using an ELV dimmer with LED/CFL bulbs, ensure the dimmer indicates that it is listed for use with these bulb types. ELV dimmers require connection to a neutral wire, which is often not available in older construction. In addition, Electronic Low Voltage dimmers are typically a more expensive solution.

No, Leviton’s LED dimmers are two wire devices that can replace any standard wall switch, which make them ideal in older homes that may not have a neutral wire in the wallbox.

The neutral wire is generally white and serves as a “path home” for the additional electricity used to power the dimmer. Some dimmers with higher ratings, or advanced technology, require a neutral wire for operation. Be sure to refer to the dimmer specifications on the packaging to find out if a neutral wire is required.

Single pole means controlling light(s) from one location. 3-way is the ability to control light(s) from two separate locations. Multi-Location or Multi-Way is the ability to control light(s) from 3 or more locations.

We strongly recommend you use the same light source to achieve consistent performance from bulb to bulb. If you choose to mix bulb types on the same dimmer, it is possible that you will experience a variation in dimming performance and start up characteristics.

Some dimmers contain a metal mounting strap that has fins designed to dissipate heat from the device. If more than one dimmer is being installed in a multi-gang application, the user may be required to break off the fins before installing. Please refer to installation instructions for when it is necessary to remove the fins.

Derating may be required if you have two or more dimmers sharing a wallbox to help dissipate the internal heat of the dimmer. Some dimmers will have fins (heat sink) on the side which will need to be removed. This   decreases the wattage capacity that the dimmer can control. Be sure to refer to the dimmer instruction sheet for fin removal. Derating is NOT required when using dimmable LED or dimmable CFL bulbs. Refer to the derating chart in the instructions for maximum load per dimmer.


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