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Power Pedestals for RV and Campsites

Power Pedestal in front of RV

Power pedestals for RV and campsite applications help bring power to previously unreachable locations. Whether you are looking to charge up your phone or tablet at the campsite, or power your RV, we've got a solution for you.

For RV Power

Camphead in front of RV
RV Campsider Power Pedestal Hotspots
Campsider Power Pedestals Features & Benefits
  1. Durable Noryl material
  2. Aluminum cord and hose management
  3. Easy wiring and maintenance access
  4. Water hook-up options
  5. Analog water and kW meter available
  6. Standard breakers available
  7. Daylight sensing LED lighting
  8. Storm-ready, removable two-piece system

Camphead Power Pedestal Hotspots
Camphead Power Boxes Features & Benefits
  1. Durable glass reinforced fiberglass material
  2. Analog water and kW meter available
  3. Standard breakers available
  4. Daylight sensing LED lighting
  5. Water hook-up options (with pedestal)
  6. Available with or without mounting pedestal

For Campsites and Common Areas

Power Pedestal in front of picnic table

Designed With Durability In Mind

NEMA 3R Rated
Power Pedestal next to bench covered in snow
Lockable, Self-Closing Covers
Power Pedestal with Cover Locked
While-In-Use Covers
Power Pedestal with While In Use Cover
Welded Stainless Steel Construction
Power Pedestal With Cover Open
Receptacle Kits Available
Power Pedestal open with GFCI receptacles installed
ADA-Compliant Heights
ADA-Compliant Heights


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